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Boy X Sword Character Listing

This is a small listing of the characters from Boy X Sword. Characters will be added as they appear on the comic.

Main Characters

Wandering Boy

Wandering Boy

Complete name: Ruu (apparently this is just a nickname)

Age: 17 when the series starts

First appearance: Boy X Sword Chapter one, page six

Sword: an ancient katana.

Description: At first he always seems calm, happy and frankly, a bit weak, but when he draws his sword, things change. Could it be that he has a double personality case? Or is he just crazy for blood? What reason could change this cool guy to a would-be cold-blooded murderer?

Also, what is his relation to Benimaru? Why can he understand ghosts and spirits? Why does trouble seem to follow him everywhere? Why does he wander around Equateur? Many doubts that will be answered as time passes by!



Complete name: Kathy Zenjin Long

Age: 15 when the series starts

First appearance: Boy X Sword Chapter one, page seven

Sword: none so far.

Description: This young orphan came all the way from Korea to Equateur searching for her true parents. She's looking for Benimaru, the man who she believes will help her find her family.

The biggest question about this girl is, where are her true parents, and why did they give her away on adoption?

Secondary Characters

Raul and Romina

Raul and Romina

Complete names: Raul and Romina

Age: 9 and 6 respectively

First appearance: Chapter 2, page 8

Sword: none so far.

Description: Two young orphan thieves who live in the woods with their older sister, Romina.

Takashi and Taijin

Takashi and Taijin

Complete names: Takashi and Taijin Sugiyama

Age: 44 and 36 respectively

First appearance:
Takashi Sugiyama: Chapter 2, page 13
Taijin Sugiyama: Chapter 2, page 24

Sword: Takashi uses the traditional samurai daisho, while Taijin uses a huge naginata blade.

Description: Two japanese brothers who are involved in some shady business... One of them seems to have a dark past!

Takashi and Taijin Sugiyama came to live in Equateur when they were very young. Their family was considered one of the most influential and powerful ones in the Equateur highlands.

Kev and Sev

Kev and Sev

Complete names: Kevan and Sevastien Genevra

Age: 23 and 24 respectively

First appearance: Chapter 3, page 18

Sword: Guitar and bass-shaped battle axes.

Description: These companions always travel together in a hot-air balloon with a strange inscription on it. They seem to be following Ruu, for mysterious reasons!

Kev and Sev wear the traditional green uniforms of the Xavier Paez' peace army, altho their relation with this organization is unknown.

All characters in this section belong to Luis "Lobi" Ponce, and are fictional. Any simmilarity with real people is a mere coincidence.

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