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Chapter 4 - page 20

***** Ruu, a young wanderer with a mystical sword, travels across a victorian era Equateur. Along his way he'll meet new allies and enemies...!! ***** Daily updates!!


» Chapter 4 STARTS TODAY!! + new update schedule

Hey guys!!

I'll start posting chapter 4 today!!

I'll post three pages a week, on monday, wednesday and friday. I know it's a bit dissapointing since I've been updating on a daily basis, but this'll give me time to draw interlude 2 and chapter 5.

Enjoy this chapter!! :)

» Chapter 3 OVER!!

Hey guys!

Today I posted the last page of chapter 3 of Boy X Sword. Hope you enjoyed the Voices of spirits arc!!

I will add a short 3-page interlude starting tomorrow, and next monday I'll start posting chapter 4!!

Stay tuned guys!!

» Minor site updates!

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to tell you that I updated the characters section today. Check it out! New character bios there!! :)

» Chapter 1 OVER! + site updates

Hey guys!

Well, today the last page of chapter 1 was posted. I'll keep the daily updates up until chapter 4, so stay tuned! :)

Also be sure to check the characters section!!

» Boy X Sword is back!!

Ok, so I know I kind of ran away... But I'm back and I've started posting new pages.

Well, re-uploading all the pages is gonna take a while, but it's ok. I think it'll give me time to write new pages!

Oh and by the way, I'm only gonna post the english version of BxS here. The spanish version is available on http://boy-sword.subcultura.es/ :)

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